Chongqing Cummins high-horsepower engine production and R&D new base started construction

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Update time : 2022-05-27 16:09:19
The construction of the high-horsepower engine technology research and development center and the new base has been fully launched, and the advanced 50-72 liter Cummins fully electronically controlled engine platform has been introduced to meet the Chinese market's demand for high-performance and high-power power, and to enhance Cummins' high-horsepower production capacity and strength in China.

On January 27, 2015, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. was held in Lijia Pingchang Industrial Park, North New District, Chongqing. As a world-class high-horsepower engine technology R&D center and production base, the new Chongqing Cummins plant will cover a total area of ​​400 acres (about 267,000 square meters). Complete the construction of production lines and supporting facilities. Wang Hongjie, vice chairman and general manager of high-horsepower engines and customer support of Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Wang Yuxiang, chairman of Chongqing Electromechanical Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., delivered speeches as representatives of both parties of the joint venture. Production increases positive energy, adding a new impetus to the take-off of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Weng Jieming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and other municipal leaders, relevant leaders of the Northern New Area and friends from the media attended the event to congratulate.

"The establishment of the new high-horsepower plant is an important milestone in the 40-year history of Cummins' development in China. From the license production in 1981, to the joint venture and cooperation in 1995, to the foundation of the new high-horsepower base today, Chongqing Cummins has become an advanced The core of high-horsepower power," Wang Hongjie, vice chairman of Cummins, has high hopes for future development. "Chongqing Cummins' new plant will focus on the upgrade and development of advanced high-horsepower platforms, and tailor-made high-quality power for the Chinese market that meets customer needs. The exploration of alternative fuel engine projects for clean energy applications is more active towards sustainable development goals. Explore." Chongqing Cummins is the first engine joint venture established by Cummins in China, producing M-series 11-liter, N-series 14-liter, K-series 19-liter, 38-liter, and 50-liter engines for power, oil and gas fields, marine machinery, and mines and construction machinery and other markets to provide a strong and reliable power guarantee. With the completion of the new plant, three Cummins strategic products, QSK50, QSK60 and QSK72, will be put into production in China, the product line will be expanded to 72 liters, and the electronic control upgrade will be fully realized, which can meet the third-stage off-highway emission standards. It further confirms the long-term commitment of Cummins: deepen cooperation, forge ahead with innovation, maintain the leading edge of the industry, and create value for customers. The establishment of the high-horsepower technology R&D center has greatly enhanced Cummins’ innovation and R&D capabilities in China. World-class advanced and environmentally friendly engine testing equipment such as high-power electric dynamometers will be used to conduct high-horsepower engine performance development, reliability research and emissions. audits and other tests. The new Chongqing Cummins manufacturing plant includes engine block machining lines, engine assembly lines, and corresponding engine factory tests and vehicle production lines. It can achieve an annual output value of 1 billion US dollars in the short term and a long-term production capacity of 2 billion US dollars. .